my thoughts on dusting - my thoughts on dusting

One of the key selling features of minimalism for me – just slightly behind increased personal freedom – is that there’s less stuff to dust.

I don’t like dusting.

Back in my pre-minimalism days, I used to have all these little tchotchkes that needed dusting. Even my collection of books and DVDs required attention.

At first, I thought about buying a bookcase with glass doors so that I could still see my things without having to dust them. But then I discovered minimalism and decided to just get rid of my stuff instead.

Problem (mostly) solved.

neat and tidy

Even though I’m not a fan of dusting, or for that matter, cleaning in general, I still love the things that I do have to be nicely organized. It’s a paradox.

My home (wherever that may be at the moment), always looks neat and tidy – though not necessarily spotless.

And since I live in small spaces for the most part, when I do clean, it doesn’t take very long. Another bonus of this living with less lifestyle.

keeping it au naturel

My cleaning system has changed dramatically in the last few years and even more so in the last few months. I’ve gone from using toxic cleaners with very specific purposes to using more natural ingredients with multiple purposes.

I’ve also discovered the wonders of baking soda and vinegar!

I make my own all-purpose cleaner consisting of half water and half vinegar with a drop or two of lavender oil.

I clean my toilet bowl with a sprinkling of baking soda, a slosh of vinegar and some scrubbing action.

Aside: Never mix natural ingredients with chemical products. It’s a toxic medley. No bueno.

I’ve even decided to decrease my ration of paper towels from one roll a month to one roll for the summer. Since I purchased some microfiber cloths and keep some rags on hand, this has worked out really well! It’s been two months and I still haven’t used more than a couple of paper towels. I don’t know why I didn’t jump on board sooner.

So while I’ll never be able to eliminate dusting entirely, having less stuff has definitely helped me minimize it. And for that, I say thank you to the (god)dess of minimalism.*

* I’m not exactly sure if there is a (god)dess of minimalism, but I imagine he/she would appreciate a sacrifice of a tchotchke every now and again.

P.S. Happy 146th Birthday Canada! You don’t look a day past 100!

13 thoughts on “my thoughts on dusting

  1. Bethany @ Journey to Ithaca

    I have to admit that housework avoidance is one of my main reasons for living minimalistically. I look at that motor home, that we’re paring down to, and I think–wow, I can’t possibly spend more than 10 minutes on housework in this!

  2. Carolyn

    Sacrificing tchotchkes to the goddess of minimalism! Love it! I’m preparing to move from a small one bedroom apartment back to one half of my house (will be renting out the other half). Will definitely bear this in mind while resettling. Shouldn’t be too hard, after my husband spent months dealing with STUFF! I could only help by FaceTime; I couldn’t be there due to mold illness. We now have a 10 month old grandson, and it occurs to me that less stuff also means less to clean up after Hurricane Artie has been through!

  3. living lagom Post author

    I hope the mold illness cleared up! Interesting how you still decluttered via FaceTime though. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, as they say!

  4. Jean

    Your comment on knicknacks (I can’t even pretend to spell the word you used!) was spot-on. I noticed the same thing with technology: when I reduced it to key pieces, I didn’t have to dust, charge or store it.

    FYI I would also suggest hydrogen peroxide. It works great as a deodorant/disinfectant in the bathroom.

  5. living lagom Post author

    I have to Google “tchotchkes” every time I use it (just did it again). I don’t know why I didn’t just use knickknacks.

    I’ll never understand why anyone would choose to fill their lives with dusting – minimalist or not.

    Thanks for the hydrogen peroxide suggestion! I’ve recently switched to a crystal for my deodorant and purchased tea tree oil as an acne spot treatment – though I’ve read it can also be used as a disinfectant.

  6. Maria

    I agree with Bethany – one of the biggest motivators for me in pursuing lagom is less cleaning! I live in about 460 sf (43 square meters) with my boyfriend – and both of us find even that way to much to clean. I have to say that even though I love him very much and that I’m very grateful for and happy about our relationship, i’ts a big minus for me that he’s not really neat or very willing to get rid of some of his/our things that aren’t necessary (so that it wouldn’t matter that much that he’s not that neat). At least not for know. I know that’s maybe not the spiritually evolved thing to say (or maybe it is, since it’s honest), and I know I also have annoying habits and that my opinion isn’t any more valid or important than his. But I hate clutter, it stresses me out so much and makes me unhappy, and I don’t like cleaning or tidying. I try to focus on my own stuff, but it’s definitely a talking point. Maybe I can try explaining one more time how much the clutter stresses me out – he should care about my well-being after all. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try bribing. If that doesn’t work, I’m ashamed to say that I might consider trying to cry. I’m sorry, but if reasoning with him and bribing doesn’t work..? The clutter sometimes does make me want to cry. Desperate times and all that. Sigh.

  7. living lagom Post author

    This is quite the conundrum. I feel that I’m not in the best position to offer advice, as I’m not in a relationship myself, and have never been very good with the notion of compromise (possibly why I’m not in a relationship). :) However, I tend to dislike crying as a means of getting one’s own way. It may work in the short-term, but alas, is probably not quite as effective in the long-term. Though I’m not really a crier, that IS how I tend to express myself once I’ve reached my breaking point. He might not even realize how deeply it is truly affecting you. Hopefully, someone who’s been in a similar situation can offer you some guidance.

  8. Maria

    Thanks. It’s not THAT big of a deal, but it is a minus. I’ll try to avoid the crying then. Reasoning and bribing it is! ;)

  9. living lagom Post author

    Haha! Okay, go with that. Maybe tell him about the goddess of minimalism and how she likes tchotchke sacrifices, so that’s where his stuff will end up if he doesn’t clean up after himself!

  10. hay

    Hello Lagom Lady, great site – superb message. Do you have a vacuum? I have only recently discovered the joy of using the delicate upholstery attachment on all surfaces that typically require dusting. Less dust in the air, my hands don’t seem to get as dry and cracked this way and it seems like a much quicker way of doing things. Just need to invest in some noise cancelling headphones and vaccuuming could almost be therapeutic!

  11. living lagom Post author

    Hello hay! I don’t have a vacuum. I’m also living at a dorm for the summer, so very little to dust. But a good use of it for those that do have one!

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