sandy c gets a pedicure

WARNING: You’re about to see an image of my feet. For some of you, it may already be too late. My apologies. - sandy c gets a pedicure

Would you believe that in my almost 36 years of life that I’ve never had a professional pedicure?

Like, ever.

And even though I’m living on a tight budget this year, there’s still room for a few luxuries and new experiences.

Sandal wearing season is finally here!  Why not kick it off with some colorful toes?

a treehugger’s dilemma

When I was researching salons that would have the privilege of giving me my very first pedi (I’ve got the lingo down), I ran into a bit of a hiccup.

I went to one premium salon and was told that it would cost $60. I asked if they had any non-toxic nail polishes.* With guilty looks on their faces, they said no, but that I could bring my own polish.

I went to a no-frills salon: $28 – I didn’t even bother asking about non-toxic polish.

Then I remembered that I had read a blog post while I was still living in Toronto about an eco-friendly salon in Waterloo. I found the post and called the salon.

Forty bucks and they carried the nail polish brand Zoya, which is free of the top offenders: toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor.

I found my lagom.

tools of the trade

Sure, I could’ve given myself a pedi at home. But I like the thought of that more than the actual execution. Plus, I don’t own the tools required to do the job properly.

Instead, I got to relax while enjoying a Himalayan salt soak and a lovely foot massage.

And I only giggled a few times.

signature shade

I wrote in this post about picking a signature shade of nail polish per season.**

I went with Zoya’s Haley, which is a bright red with orange undertones. I also bought the nail polish so that I can do touch ups throughout the summer. I’m a one pedi per season kind of girl.

Guess what else I’ve never had in my almost 36 years? A professional massage.

Maybe in the fall . . .

* I realize that it’s difficult to find a nail polish that is completely non-toxic that actually works. For me, it’s a matter of picking the best of the bunch!

** I only wear nail polish on my toes in the summer months. So my per season is really per year.

9 thoughts on “sandy c gets a pedicure

  1. Nilda Gil

    Love your post. I personally like my nails done in the summer but not by anyone else. I hate people touching my feet and I hate my feet so that doesn’t help. I have only had 1 pedi ever Sandra and I’m not crazy about massages so once again we are very much alike.

  2. living lagom Post author

    Thanks Nil-dy! Honestly, I didn’t enjoy the filing or cuticle part. Thank goodness she didn’t need to cut my nails. I made sure of that. :)

  3. A

    I’ve never had a pedicure myself, but I’ve thought about it! Definitely a pleasant indulgence if it’s at the right price and at an eco salon where the employees aren’t subjected to toxins all day.

    I do very much enjoy a massage – I go to a spa weekend with some friends once a year, and since I don’t wear makeup or nail polish, I go for the best massage ( or combo bath and massage) that I can afford. We go in February, so the heat and relaxation is extra special!

  4. living lagom Post author

    Any recommendations on the type of massage that I should get, should I indulge in one in the fall? I’m a total novice.

    I would recommend the Himalayan salt soak to everyone. Even those that don’t want to get a pedicure. You can do it at home with just some hot water and the salt. Soooo nice!

  5. Nicole

    Love both pedicures and massages. Massages are partially covered under my insurance and every year it’s all used up! I’ve tried different ones, and I have to say I love the regular swedish massage. The question is how deep you want it! enjoy

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