sandy c gets a pedicure

WARNING: You’re about to see an image of my feet. For some of you, it may already be too late. My apologies. - sandy c gets a pedicure

Would you believe that in my almost 36 years of life that I’ve never had a professional pedicure?

Like, ever.

And even though I’m living on a tight budget this year, there’s still room for a few luxuries and new experiences.

Sandal wearing season is finally here!  Why not kick it off with some colorful toes?

a treehugger’s dilemma

When I was researching salons that would have the privilege of giving me my very first pedi (I’ve got the lingo down), I ran into a bit of a hiccup.

I went to one premium salon and was told that it would cost $60. I asked if they had any non-toxic nail polishes.* With guilty looks on their faces, they said no, but that I could bring my own polish.

I went to a no-frills salon: $28 – I didn’t even bother asking about non-toxic polish.

Then I remembered that I had read a blog post while I was still living in Toronto about an eco-friendly salon in Waterloo. I found the post and called the salon.

Forty bucks and they carried the nail polish brand Zoya, which is free of the top offenders: toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor.

I found my lagom.

tools of the trade

Sure, I could’ve given myself a pedi at home. But I like the thought of that more than the actual execution. Plus, I don’t own the tools required to do the job properly.

Instead, I got to relax while enjoying a Himalayan salt soak and a lovely foot massage.

And I only giggled a few times.

signature shade

I wrote in this post about picking a signature shade of nail polish per season.**

I went with Zoya’s Haley, which is a bright red with orange undertones. I also bought the nail polish so that I can do touch ups throughout the summer. I’m a one pedi per season kind of girl.

Guess what else I’ve never had in my almost 36 years? A professional massage.

Maybe in the fall . . .

* I realize that it’s difficult to find a nail polish that is completely non-toxic that actually works. For me, it’s a matter of picking the best of the bunch!

** I only wear nail polish on my toes in the summer months. So my per season is really per year.