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Last week, I went on and on about being a Scanner.

I also promised to reveal my plans for the summer.

So here it is:

I’m going to write a nov . . . ella.

the writer part

I first learned of The 90-Day Novel: Unlock The Story Within by Alan Watt over at The Daily Connoisseur.

I seem to be promoting a lot of books on my blog lately. What can I say – I’m a reader. And when I read something I really like, I can’t help letting other people know about it.

But this time, I haven’t read the book.

I almost started reading the daily lessons ahead of time, but I thought it’d be better to actually take it day by day. I didn’t want to lose my spark.

I’ve also decided to write a novella, instead of a full-length novel. And I’ll probably take a day off here and there or sometimes complete a couple of lessons in one day. What can I say – I’m also a rule breaker.

According to the author’s preparation notes, I shouldn’t even be telling you I’m writing this novella. I should’ve just waited until I was finished and then told you.

But remember, I’m a Scanner. I can easily move on to my next interest without producing anything. I’m telling you, in order to keep myself honest.

I’ve had this story idea for years! I need to get it out of my head once and for all. I want to focus on writing right now. So that’s what I’m going to do.

the residence part

And where will I be writing said novella? In a dorm room. That’s right folks; I’m spending my second consecutive summer living at a university residence. Hey, I’m a student of writing – I might as well live like one.

Plus, living in a dorm is cheap, allowing me to delay the world of work just a little bit longer. A dorm may not sound very “living lagom” to you, but if it means I’m able to pursue my interests, it sounds lagom to me!

At the end of the summer, I’ll let you know how things went. But in the meantime, I’ll post my status updates on Twitter.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go and complete my first day’s lesson: Imagining the world of the story!

P.S. I’m keeping my novella plot a secret for now. But here’s a teaser: It’s about a girl in search of herself whilst funny situations ensue. Oh no – I’ve already said too much!

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4 thoughts on “a writer in residence

  1. Kelly

    Exciting times ahead! I find the whole dorm living facsinating. I wish this was something I could try for the summer but my kids might protest:)

  2. eager urbanist

    You’re not the only one who doesn’t mind dorm living; I chose to live in dorms for all six consecutive years of my undergraduate and graduate education! I must admit that I was more than ready to move on to apartments by the end of that period, but in general, I really liked dorms. I didn’t have to clean any space except my bedroom, and I enjoyed running into people throughout the building. I even had cafeterias to eat at, so I didn’t have to worry about cooking. But now that I’m vegan, I would want my own kitchen rather than a non-vegan cafeteria.

    And the best part about living in small dorm rooms for so many years is that I now prefer small apartments–because even studio apartments feel spacious by comparison! This perspective helps me live within my means without feeling deprived. I guess dorm life introduced me to living lagom!

  3. living lagom Post author

    I love small spaces too. I find some studios too large, which makes people look at me funny.

    I’ve decided not to use my sister’s mini fridge this year, so I’ll be making primarily vegan meals. I’ve set-up a mini kitchen area in my room as eating out all the time is not in the budget. I have a future post planned on how to live in a dorm!

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