if everyone was like me

livinglagom.com - if everyone was like me
If everyone was like me
What kind of world would it be?

Would we live in peace and harmony
Dancing with joy and singing with glee?

But if everyone was just like me
I wonder, how would it really be?

No more study of anatomy
Farewell doctors that took care of thee.

No one to build or clean up debris
Hard labor is not for this lefty.

No instruments played in a symphony
Nothing to offer you musically.

No plumber, tailor or maître’d
Each of them considered history.

No hockey, baseball or ultimate frisbee
Replaced with reading books and afternoon tea.

Too afraid to climb a big tree
Or dive into the deep blue sea.

All thoughts the same and running free
One mind, one face, one pedigree.

Thank goodness not everyone is like me
That is exactly the way it should be.