happy birthday living lagom!

livinglagom.com - happy birthday living lagom!
living lagom turns one tomorrow!!!

I’d normally celebrate such an occasion with a cupcake, but alas, unless a cupcake magically appears, I’ll have to wait until after Lent.*

I know for some people, a year of blogging isn’t earth shattering news. But in the world of Sandy C (that’s my stage name), this is a major accomplishment.

The fact that I’ve committed to something for a whole year (which is like at least 5 years in Sandy C world) is HUGE. And that commitment also included writing consistently on a weekly basis. A feat I’d yet to complete prior to this past year.

Well kids, if I can do it, you can most definitely do it too. (And it doesn’t have to be a blog.)


So given my commitment phobia, I’m changing everything! Kidding. I’m just making a few little tweaks.

Theme: I’ve chosen a new and cleaner theme. I like it. I hope you do too.

Posts: I’m going to continue to post once a week, with monthly challenge updates. I thought about posting more, but this feels right. If I ever get the burning urge to post something extra, then I will.

About: I’ve updated my About page to include a Sandy C timeline. That’s right, I’m taking you all the way back. Disco!

Bookstore: I opened a bookstore! A virtual one that is: living lagom bookstore (via Amazon). I seem to be recommending quite a few books in my posts, so I thought this would be a good way to organize them. You can use it as a reference library since that’s where I got a lot of these books myself. If you do buy a book at my lovely bookstore, I’ll make a teeny-tiny commission. Maybe at the end of the year, I’ll have enough to buy a green tea latte.

Resources: I’ve also created a new Resources page with links to articles and videos that have guided me in my living lagom journey. I hope you’ll find them helpful as well.

let’s get social!

Since I’ll only be posting once a week, I’ve decided to get more active on Twitter.

I’ve also recently made my Instagram account (livinglagom) public. I like Instagram. I tried Pinterest, but Instagram is more my style. I’ll upload photos there of my living lagom adventures that don’t always make it on to the blog.

I understand that it can get overwhelming with having to follow this person or that person. But I also know that everyone has their own preference on how they like to receive content. Some people like to subscribe by email or get Twitter updates or look at photos.

Regardless, I appreciate having you around.

the name is cunha, sandra cunha

It’s been a year, we should probably be properly introduced. Nice to meet you! It turns out, I’m not the only Sandra Cunha in the world. It wasn’t a happy day when I learned of that little tidbit.

I guess I’ll just have to find some other way to be an original.

THANK YOU for reading this past year and for all of your comments! I’d offer you a hug, but I’m not a hugger. Instead, please accept this virtual high five. High five!
(If you just high fived the screen, we’re kindred spirits. Namaste.)

* Since the person voted most likely to make that magical cupcake appear is 8 months pregnant and sometimes gets behind in reading my blog, I’m going to treat myself to a green tea latte instead. In keeping with my Lent rules, it’ll have to be a short. I’ll drink it very, very slowly.

Guest post: I have a guest post on Midway Simplicity. I’m trying to spread the lagom love. If you have a moment, you can read it here.

36 thoughts on “happy birthday living lagom!

  1. aliopa

    Happy birthday living lagom! :)
    I never miss your Monday posts, and I’m secretly proud of your Portuguese name :P

  2. Maria

    Happy birthday Living lagom! Would you, miss Cunha, perhaps be able to explain to me why some people aren’t huggers? It’s just a mystery to me. I think that’s one of the main reasons my boyfriend and I argue, I’m a hugger and he’s not. I think I’m actually drawn to non-huggers. I would very much like to hug my best friend a lot more aswell, but she isn’t much up for it. And now you too tell me you’re not a hugger!? Maybe it’s some sort of rejection issue from childhood that I keep recreating in my life out of familiarity?! :p

  3. living lagom Post author

    Thanks Maria!!! As for the hugging thing, I think it started when I was a teenager. I find huggers are pretty aggressive in their hugging and I get all squished up. Sometimes it hurts. So I now go in for a side hug with these aggressive huggers when they won’t accept a high five. They get a partial hug and I don’t get squished. Win-win!

    Though I just saw Lars and The Real Girl and it made me feel like I should hug more…

  4. Maria

    Hmm, I have to admit that when I finally get a hug from someone, I do like to make the best of it by indeed squishing a little… I’m sorry! I never thought of myself as an agressive hugger before. I guess it’s all in your starting point. Someone I know somestimes hugs me so hard that everyone can hear my ribcage cracking, loud and clear. This doesn’t seem to bother him though, which I find somewhat alarming.

  5. cworthi


    According to my daughter, the giving-up-for-Lent doesn’t include Sundays. Something about 40 days not adding up if the Sundays are included; I forget. Just saying.

    Ah, so the Cunha Country Store near here — it’s a Portugese name! Of course! I’d always assumed Spanish.

    My “stage name” is cworthi. We kinda go together.

    I was too shy to be a hugger — didn’t learn how in my family — until I married. I couldn’t not hug my husband’s wonderful grandmother……and gradually I got more comfortable. Now I like it, usually.

    How’s the hair growing? I’m about to cut bangs…..I CAN’T STAND hair in my face!

    If you must, wait — but have that cupcake on Easter!

  6. Pat

    Hi Sandra, I am still following you even though I don’t often post. I think you are doing a great job and sometimes you influence me to do things that I wouldn’t normally do. That does not include singing, however. I do, at times, find myself saying ” what would Sandra do?”whenever faced with a dilemma about buying something. Your Peep…

  7. living lagom Post author

    I forgot, there is one type of hug I like: a hug attack. My sister and I will randomly say, “This is a hug attack!” and then we’ll hug it out. We do this mostly when one of us is bummed or just because. This hug hurts too, but the element of surprise somehow makes it okay in my books.

  8. living lagom Post author

    Thanks Lois! I think you’ll like the Two Fifty series since you live in a small space too. We non-huggers should have some sort of signal for huggers so that they just shoulder pat us or something.

  9. living lagom Post author

    Thanks cworthi! Or is it c worthi?

    I always forget about that loophole during Lent! I generally just do it the whole time. Plus, I’m trying to establish new habits. However, if a cupcake turns up, I won’t say no.

    As for my hair – there are good days and bad days. Today is a meh day.

  10. livingsimplyfree

    I’m good without the shoulder pat too. It’s strange, I’m okay with a partner or little kids, and not bothered by hugging or touching, just everyone else. I’ll definitely check it out thanks.

  11. Pat

    HaHa.. No, but I am working on it. I did NOT buy Clinique this month just to get the special gift so I guess I am improving.

  12. Bethany @ Journey to Ithaca

    All the cool kids started their blogs in March. ;-) (I’ve got a bloggoversary post set to go up on Friday–but it’s TWO years for me–amazing that I haven’t run out of things to say yet!!!)

    Congrats on a year of awesomeness! Definitely keep it up!

    Funny, that I didn’t realize that I never knew your last name…

  13. Brandi

    Found your blog a couple months ago through Born Again Minimalist. I always read your blog as soon as it pops up in my google feed, but I’ve never commented so here is me rectifying this!

    Love your blog and the new layout. Your timeline is amazing, I must ask what did you email Bill Gates? :)

  14. living lagom Post author

    Thanks Brandi! I’m glad you finally came out of the woodwork!

    As for my email to Mr. Gates: I was a co-op student at Microsoft Canada at the time. I wrote him to say I had a few ideas on how to improve the co-op program and that I was willing to come up to head office to discuss. I didn’t really have any ideas, I just wanted to meet him. He wrote back that he couldn’t meet, but he cc’d someone to follow up. I then got a call from someone at head office who wanted to know what I wanted to discuss and I had to make something up. My boss found out a few weeks later. Luckily, I didn’t get into trouble…but it would’ve been worth it! :)

  15. Koliti

    Hi Sandra! Happy Blogday!
    Should you ever find yourself in Tucson, AZ, I will treat you to a green tea latte and a cupcake. The offer is good also if I should ever find myself in your neck of the woods :)

  16. Miss Liz

    Tap, tap, tap… is this thing on?

    HaPpY bLoGiVeRsArY! HaPpY bLoGiVeRsArY! HaPpY bLoGiVeRsArY!

    Happy, happy, happy, happy, HaPpY bLoGiVeRsArY!
    Happy, happy, happy, happy, HaPpY bLoGiVeRsArY!

    HaPpY bLoGiVeRsArY! HaPpY bLoGiVeRsArY! HaPpY bLoGiVeRsArY!


    * Please hold for further comment while I test whether my cupcake looks like a cupcake*

  17. Mopsa

    No… My last name is very uncommon (‘Silveira’). But ‘Cunha’ is common, so I bet you have many cousins around here ;P

  18. Evelyn @ Smallish

    Happy birthday, Living Lagom! I had no idea you were so newbie to the blogging world, like me. Love the new theme and great job on making such a dent in the minimalist blogging world so quickly!

  19. living lagom Post author

    Thanks Evelyn! Your blog is very pretty – great photography! I may be a newbie blogger, but I was lurking around the minimalist blog world for quite a while. ;)

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