my lagom: entertainment - my lagom: entertainment
my lagom is a series where I write about an area that I feel I am living lagom (for me).

I used to be a clubber.

Karaoke Club. Restaurant Club. Book Club. Espresso Club. Writing Club. Brunch Club. Knitting Club.

But I’ve never really gotten into the whole bar or night club scene. Whenever I would go, I’d be itching to get back home. It’s just not my thing.

No matter what city I’ve lived in, my entertainment needs seem to revolve around three main things:

Reading. Movies. Eating.

books, books and more books

My love of books started in the 4th grade when I was introduced to The Baby-sitters Club and Sweet Valley High series. Before that, I was much more interested in playing. In fact, I was almost held back in 1st grade because I was a poor reader (thank goodness for my mad math skills).

I’m a slow, but dedicated reader. I devote hours to reading. When I read fiction, I mostly read fluff. You know, chick-lit. I’m trying to get into more intellectually stimulating reads with my Book of the Month in my Challenge updates. But I’m always going to make room in my life for a little fluff.

For the last several years, my reading has been focused on non-fiction in the areas of personal finance, simple living, unconventional career guides and nutrition.

One of my favorite things to do is to go to Chapters/Indigo and sit there reading books for hours. Sometimes I’ll actually end up buying a book (or borrowing it from the library), but mostly I enjoy getting lost in learning something new. Bliss.

from magazines to blogs

I used to love, love, love magazines! From Tiger Beat to Seventeen to Glamour and Self. But after a few too many “how to” lists, I became disenchanted.

Blogs to the rescue! I didn’t actually “get” blogs when they first came on the scene. It’s only been in the last three years or so that I’ve jumped on board.

Lately, I’m preferring non-minimalist type blogs. Sacrilege, I know.

Depending on my mood, I visit different blogs. If I feel like:

  • Looking at pictures of food (without actually making it), I go here. (Update: The day after I posted this link, the blogger decided to stop posting new images. Bummer.)
  • Appreciating the little things, I go here.
  • Getting lessons in becoming chic, I go here.
  • Being inspired by a green goddess, I go here.

for the love of film

The first time I went to a movie theatre, I was 14. I saw The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. I’ve been hooked ever since.

If I could choose only one method of watching movies, it would be at the theatre. There’s just something about the theatre going dark, hearing the theme music of the Hollywood studio (my favorite is Universal Studios) and the excitement of what you are about to see. I just love it so very much!

Since 1999, I’ve been attending the Toronto International Film Festival. I only skipped 2004 as I was living in London at the time. In the beginning, I would “rush” for films. Then I started purchasing Gala tickets. And now I’m back to rushing. I would even book off the whole week from work just so I could attend. Part of it was because I wanted to stalk movie stars, but now it’s become more about the actual films. I’ve been exposed to so many wonderful movies that I might never of seen if it hadn’t been for the Festival, especially when it comes to foreign films. I’ve also made a lot of new friends while waiting in line for hours.

I have a membership at a local independent cinema, which plays a lot of Festival type films. They show old school previews before the movie begins. Hearts.

I also borrow movies from the library to watch at home. Such a great resource for some older films, and when you get lucky, newer releases.

a girl’s gotta eat (and drink overpriced lattes)

Oh the money I have spent on eating out and lattes! But I don’t regret it, not one bit!

I even co-founded and elected myself president of my very own restaurant club. I named it Restaurant Club (how very apropos). It ran for more than two years, only ending when I became a student again and had to reign in my spending.

Then my new school friends and I started an espresso club. Much easier on the budget. We would try out a different independent coffee shop every few weeks in the Toronto area. This was before I became a Starbucks junkie and actually before I even liked espresso or coffee (I would order tea).

These days, instead of expensive restaurants, I enjoy going out for brunch or hanging out at a coffee shop. The latter of which I often do on my own since everyone else seems to have a day job.

th-th-th-that’s all folks! or is it?

Something’s missing from my list . . . television! I don’t own a TV, nor have I subscribed to cable since 2009. But I swear I’m being followed by the tube. First when I was living with my sister for a few months and now there’s a TV and free cable with my sublet apartment.

I don’t watch TV that much, but I do watch it from time to time. Even zen master Leo admits to watching some TV. I’m now a conscious viewer. However, I needed to take a big break from it in order to get to this point.

What will I do when I no longer have access to a TV and cable? I don’t know. I’ve developed quite the girl crush on Jess (aka Zooey Deschanel) from New Girl. But I could always watch it online once I move since I have zero plans to buy a TV again. And I gotta say there’s nothing quite like the occasional Mad Men marathon when the weather outside is gloomy.

I now like my television viewing in small doses and intentional binges.

So that’s it for entertainment.

While I may occasionally go to a museum or very rarely to a musical or concert, those events are definitely one offs.

The above is my lagom.


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9 thoughts on “my lagom: entertainment

  1. Maria

    I’ve never liked going out to bars or clubs either. I find it noisy and boring. A large part of the deal seems to be everyone standing in the street wondering where to go next, which I find incredibly frustrating and just a waste of time. Pretty much my entire social life (besides living with my boyfriend and sometimes eating dinner at one of my parents places) consists of meeting people one on one to have a coffee. And I LOVE it that way. Sometimes we’ll take a walk, see a movie or hang out at someones place. And there is the occasional birthday party and things like that. It was a huge relief when I just accepted that this is what I like.

    I love books too! I’m currently reading lots of fantasy and spiritual(ish) stuff. (Okey, let’s just call a spade a spade and say self-help. (; ) I do like movies, but not as much as you I suspect. I like food a lot though, which is nice. :)

  2. Sunny

    I am with you. I’d rather immerse myself in a book (at home, a cafe or a bookstore) or a movie. Most of my socializing is meeting friends for coffee or doing something together – a walk, volunteering together, or just relaxing at home while talking for hours.

    Will check out the blogs you mentioned. I subscribe to half of them, but there are some that are new to me.

  3. livingsimplyfree

    I did my bar scene before I reached legal age, by then I was tired of it. I have gone to many movies over the years, the best were the high school years where a group of us would go together, but I’ve lost my love for them for a couple of reasons, first there is very little original to watch, the people have lost respect for allowing others the peace to watch the movie, and those made from books are not as good as the book. I would rather have a good book any day. As for TV I don’t own one either, but have a couple programs I watch freely on Hulu, refuse to pay for the service so if it becomes pay only it will go. I used to love magazines, they were a short break from a larger book, but like you the articles became boring and repetitive and yes in the last year I found blogs.

  4. living lagom Post author

    It was a relief when I let myself like what I like. Though I know that when someone really likes going out to clubs, they don’t get why you’d want to stay home with a “boring” book.

    I think they lump too much stuff under the self-help category. Some of it would be better classified as inspiration seeking or something…

  5. living lagom Post author

    In almost all situations, I’ve found the book to be better than the movie. Except with The Notebook. The movie was waaayyyy better. Maybe you could give foreign films a try. I find they offer something new and different.

  6. livingsimplyfree

    I just may. I tend to watch movies while doing something else as it drives me crazy to sit in one place with nothing for my hands to do so I’ve avoided foreign films as reading the captions is a little tricky. One movie I can think of off the top of my head that was true to the book was Mystic River.

  7. Nicole

    I’m sooo with you on the not being very into clubs! I’m not really a drinker either and find it a bit of a struggle socially, as that seems to be what many I know like to do. Dinner and movies is always great (I loooove movies). Lately I’ve been loving walking and exploring areas of Toronto I never knew existed. This has been inspired by a new found interest in Buddhism and living in presence. I also love TV when I find a really great series that I can watch serially and become obsessed with. And of course there’s nothing like a great novel that you can’t put down.

  8. living lagom Post author

    With our espresso club, we would explore a new area of Toronto each time. So many interesting little neighborhoods. It’s something I miss about Toronto.

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