inside the mind of a starbucks junkie - inside the mind of a starbucks junkie
Virtual friends: I think I’ve been bamboozled.

You probably already knew this, but were too polite to say anything.

It turns out I have yet another addiction.*

I know that at the heart of it all, I’m the one to blame. But I’m not taking full responsibility on this one. This time, I had an accomplice.

Her name was Claire.

experiment gone wrong

Before Claire, I had enjoyed the occasional pumpkin spiced latte in the fall and winter months, but I didn’t really get the appeal of Starbucks.

I mean, who would consistently spend that much money on a drink?

How the mighty fall.

Then I started a new job and met Claire. She seemed innocent enough. Until the day she returned from lunch with a weird green foamy drink. (This was in my pre-green smoothie days when I didn’t appreciate green anything.)

Claire insisted I have a sip. I don’t remember liking it much, but she said the taste grew on you. She even treated me to my very own a few days later.

The first one’s always free. That’s how they get you.

And you know, it did grow on me. It tasted really good. Like a warm hug.

Over the next couple of months we started playing around with different combinations.

Half-sweetened. Unsweetened. Foam. No foam. Extra matcha. Tall. Grande better. Always soy.

Until we got it right: Grande, unsweetened, soy, green tea latte. Foam or no foam depending on mood.

Claire could control how often she got a GRTL (that’s Starbucks code), but I couldn’t. I wanted one almost every day!

I tried getting a smaller size to keep the expense lower, but I wasn’t truly happy unless I got a Grande. And then I needed a Venti to feel the same effect.

replicating the experiment

I thought, maybe I should try making my own!

I bought some matcha green tea powder and soy milk, but I could never get it right.

I tried going to cheaper coffee shops and trying their green tea lattes, but they couldn’t get it right either.

So I kept going to Starbucks. And I still do.

They treat me real nice too. They ask me my name, give me a free drink on my birthday and email me with all sorts of deals.

If it wasn’t for the GRTL, I don’t know that I would be so enamored with them.

I can get a nicer atmosphere and espresso lattes at an independent coffee shop.

So yeah, I’ve been bamboozled.

But as long as they keep serving up that weird green foamy drink, my lagom includes a visit to Starbucks.

I hope this post hasn’t peaked your interest in trying one. Remember: You’ve been warned.

* It appears that I have quite the addictive personality. If there are any therapists out there, please¬†contact me to discuss. I swear I don’t have abandonment issues.

U.S. readers: I’ve tried the GRTL at Starbucks in the States, but it doesn’t taste the same. I think y’all use a different soy milk.