let’s take it from the top!

livinglagom.com - let's take it from the top!I’m the featured Real Life Minimalist on miss minimalist today!

I’m a big fan of her blog and attribute her posts to getting me started on my living lagom journey. She’s cool beans.

I’d like to welcome any miss minimalist readers that may find their way here.

Since we may have some new faces (eyes?), I thought I would create an overview of the blog.

If you’re a regular reader, perhaps there’s something that you’ve missed!

living lagom in a nutshell

how it all began . . .

what is lagom?

my minimalism philosophy . . .

actually living lagom . . .

making life decisions . . .

sharing is caring . . .

clothes make the minimalist woman . . .

in the kitchen/bathroom/office . . .

a traveling we will go . . .

i heart the earth . . .

my addictions . . .

the misfits . . .

So that’s living lagom to date. I hope you’ll stick around for the epilogue!

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17 thoughts on “let’s take it from the top!

  1. Caitlin

    Yay for being featured on Miss Minimalist!! I hope your blog fills with blogosphere love today. :) And thanks for the handy table of contents so I can go creep your posts all over again.

  2. Samantha

    Hello I am over from Miss Minimalist (and realising I may have to minimalise the number of crumbs in this keyboard if this is going to make sense). Already subscribed so will be back. Glad to see I am not the only one who thinks having a relationship with a non-minimalist would be difficult. Thanks for the thoughts about the printer too. I have thought about not replacing mine next time, but at the moment I do seem to need it. Not sure about the 100 items thing, I may qualify but haven’t counted nor plan to

  3. Lieselathome

    That list is perfect, even for us who’ve been here before. I’ve just randomly looked through your blog posts before but now you gave me some new things to read. Love your writing – it’s very inspiring! Already feeling the need to throw out some more stuff now :-) Thanks!

  4. New Age Nomad

    Congratz your feature on Miss Minimalist! I went through a siimiliar process getting rid of all my items as well. I moved them all into a van, and now travel the United States on the cheap. Look forward to reading more of your posts Thanks!

  5. Mopsa

    Hi! I got here through Miss Minimalist. I’m now reading your posts since the beginning, and it’s been an almost addictive experience :P I like you approach towards minimalism (or, better, lagom), and you writing is super funny and engaging! :)

  6. Sara

    It was nice to ‘see’ you on miss minimalist this week and thanks for the overview, it made it really easy to reread some of your posts! I’ve had a somewhat busy and tiring week – which is a bit unusual for me – and it’s made me think about what my lagom actually is. It’s not possessions, these days, that eat my energy, but old, non-constructive attitudes, worn-out emotions and what-have-you that really ‘possess’ me (pun intended) :). I’d gotten so used to thinking which mental-emotional issues seemed to be lurking behind my connection to physical stuff that these new non-physical ‘stuff’ discoveries have left me food for thought for a long time…

    I feel that my lagom is a very peaceful life with a balancing upheaval or busyness which will remind me again how lovely that peaceful life actually is.

  7. living lagom Post author

    Thanks Mopsa! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read thus far! Just wait for my second act: There will be clowns, magic tricks and fireworks! But not really… :D

  8. hs

    I love your blog – read through it twice! I love the idea of lagom and your blog helps shine a beautiful light on it and makes it so appealing. I am a recovering hoarder pushing back against the onslaught. When people come to visit now they look at me confused stating that i’m not a hoarder. – great feeling but we still have too much. i fear though that hoarding can be contagious and my “recovery” has been hard for my husband and daughter. I first started with fly lady and then with Miss Minimalist for my decluttering and mindset. Minimalism has always appealed to me but always felt so unattainable. Lagom is so much more positive than minimalism and i love the idea of just enough. It’ll help my daughter and husband as it gives me a better way to explain how i want our home to be – just enough for us to be happy, healthy and content. not too much and not too little. your box entry was great as was the wardrobe one. thank you for sharing your experiences. very helpful

  9. living lagom Post author

    Thanks for reading through the blog – twice! Wow! Hoarding runs in my family, so I know how difficult it can be for some people to let go of their things. Lagom is positive. We can only use, what we can use. I think it’s a lot easier for people to grasp. We are not taking away anything that is truly useful and appreciated by someone in their daily life – just everything else.

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