mason jars: another friend to minimalists everywhere - mason jars: another friend to minimalists everywhereI’ve previously posted about the amazing uses of baking soda.

I even wrote an ode to baking soda.

But baking soda isn’t the only one making a minimalist’s life easier.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to your newest friend:


And it’s only fair that I write another poem.

acrostic poem starring mason jars

Minimalists everywhere – you have a friend in me!
Arrange your freshly cut flowers for everyone to see
Store your bulk food, spices and leftovers nice and airtight
Organize your office supplies and keep them in sight
Nothing is too daunting for me!

Just think of all the possibilities!
Add a cuppow and turn me into a travel mug (if I get too hot, may I suggest a homemade shrug?)
Relax by candlelight – I’ll hold the tea light
Something tells me this was meant to be!

more great ideas

Here are some other cool things to do with mason jars:

  • Grow your own inexpensive sprouts.

Mason jars come in all different sizes and are available at hardware stores, thrift stores and garage sales. Or you can use jam or pasta sauce jars . . . after you eat what’s in them of course!