Erin, Girl: A Novella

Erin, Girl: A Novella by Sandra CunhaErin Bettencourt thinks her mom is an old bag. Not just any old bag but a vintage Chanel 2.55. Medium. Navy.

Her mom was forced to sell the bag years ago. Now that Erin’s found it again, she wants it back. She needs it back. There’s only one, teeny-tiny (expensive) problem: she doesn’t have the two grand to buy it. So Erin thinks “inside the box” and starts a business from the cubicle of her boring office job.

But she has to earn the money fast, or someone else will buy her missing family-heirloom, and she will lose the bag all over again.

It’s too bad that what Erin needs the most can’t be obtained with dollars or misdirected sense.

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About the Author

Sandra Cunha - Site IconSandra Cunha is a writer and professional job-hopper. Erin, Girl: A Novella is her grand debut. Sandra has never started a business from any of the many grey cubicles she has inhabited, but she has thought about inventing cubicle wallpaper (unless that’s already a thing).

Sandra currently lives in Waterloo, Ontario – although she has been known to wander.

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