a buttercup blooms

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Dearest Baby Buttercup:

You’re officially one! I hope you’ll always appreciate this number. But judging by your shoe collection, this may be a future lesson to be learned.

You’re funny. Remember when you thought you were a cat? You’ve stopped meowing, but you still enjoy a good roar.

You’re fearless. Santa Claus didn’t scare you. Not even the clown at the farmers’ market. You’re not afraid of clowns! That’s HUGE.

You’re clever. No baby enclosures have gotten you, yet.

You’re sneaky. You’ll wait until no one is paying attention, then steal things and take off with them. Hmm . . . maybe this isn’t such a good trait . . .

You’re athletic. You excel at indoor climbing and have super baby strength. You do the occasional downward dog, just because.

You’re adorable. Obviously.

You’re musical. You love to bang on random things and dance like nobody’s watching. And your singing is . . . er . . . sing anyway!

You’re creative. A box is not just a box to you. Probably because you don’t know what a box is.

You’re a foodie. You’re willing to try anything – even paper. Especially paper.

You’re determined. You crawled and walked early. And now, you’re running . . . away with the stuff you snatched when no one was watching!

You’re confident. You can’t help smiling at yourself in the mirror.

You’re left-handed. (I hope.)

You’re special. You said vovó and vovô when you were only a few months old, even though you were never taught those words, so we’d know your grandma and grandpa are still with us.


I love you THIS much!*

Your Auntie Sandy C (and temporary nanny)

* Sorry it couldn’t be more. My arms aren’t very long.

P.S. Oh, and thank you for letting me have your room. But your crib is kind of small – even for a minimalist.

Please note: I’m not actually sleeping in a crib. That’s just some baby humor Buttercup begged me to add in. And since it is her birthday . . .

NEXT POST: April 21st. I’ll share my thoughts on fasting during Lent.

penitence: fasting

livinglagom.com - penitence: fasting

For Lent this year, I decided to kick it old school with fasting.

I’ve been half-heartedly playing around with intermittent fasting for the last few months, but I wanted to give it a more serious trial.

I also wanted to try a new form of fasting: the digital fast. I “fasted” a bit this past February with my blogging sabbatical, but I wanted to take this to another level, too.

Since I think Lent is a great opportunity to develop new habits, my penitence practically picked itself.

food fasting

I wouldn’t do very well in a food shortage situation. I think about food - a lot. In fact, whenever I’m outside of my regular routine, I’m always wondering when I’ll get to eat next.

Given that there are more and more natural disasters occurring in places that they haven’t occurred before, I’ve realized I need to get a better handle on this.

I have to realize that if a situation called for it, I could go without food for a while. I don’t want to be the person in that type of situation who can only focus on getting a meal.

But more importantly (and most applicable to my everyday life) are the many health benefits associated with fasting that I found in my research.

So each Monday during Lent, I’ll be going without food for a 24-hour period. I’m allowing myself only water and tea (no milk or sugar) on fast days. I’m experimenting with a dinner-to-dinner fast and a brunch-to-brunch fast to see which works best for me.

Aside: I know that in the Catholic faith, food fasting during Lent happens on Fridays. But as I’ve stated before, I’m not a very good Catholic.

My research also led me to the discovery of the two-meals-a-day system. I find this very fascinating. Honestly, I think many of us eat too much. It’s pretty easy to see just looking around.

There’s no reason why someone of my small frame, who is fully grown, doesn’t exercise excessively, and does more mental than physical work, needs to eat as much as I have in the past.

It makes sense to me that we should allow our bodies a proper rest in between meals and not to overdo it at those meals.

So in addition to my weekly 24-hour fasts, I’ll also continue experimenting with eating two meals a day. (I’ve been slowly transitioning to this since January.) I’ve had success with eating only brunch and dinner, with a latte-style drink in between . . . perhaps a two-and-a-half-meals-a-day system, then.

I’d like to make it clear that this is what I’m doing. I’ve found in my research that one expert will say one thing, another expert will say the complete opposite. Someone will do their research and choose a plant-based diet, someone else chooses Paleo. Someone chooses two meals a day, someone else chooses six meals a day.

There appears to be evidence to support everything these days. And since most of us have our own bias, we tend to seek out information that supports what we already believe (or what we hope) to be true.

So I’m going with my gut. (Literally.) And then, I’m testing it to see if it’s actually right for me.

digital fasting

It took me a while to get a smartphone. I didn’t really get the fuss. Then, I got my first iPhone in 2010. Now we’re rarely separated.

When I wake up in the morning, one of the first things I do is check my smartphone (which is really quite sad).

I’m not about to give it up - maybe next Lent – but I do think some limitations are needed. You see, it’s not really the smartphone that’s the problem, it’s what I do with it.

So each Thursday during Lent I’ll avoid checking social media, reading blogs, and Googling. I have a slight big Google problem. My thoughts often result in a Google search. I’ll just have to wait until Fridays to Google whatever was on my mind. If it’s important enough, I’ll remember.

I have a feeling that digital fasting may be harder than food fasting.

Lent only lasts a little over six weeks, but hopefully what I learn during that period can be carried forward for a lifetime.

“To rise at six, dine at ten, sup at six, and go to bed at ten, makes a [wo]man live ten times ten.” – 16th Century Proverb

P.S. I’m not food fasting to lose weight. I think I’m just fine the way I am. :)

P.P.S. I reserve the right to switch around my fasting days. Sometimes, life happens.

Disclaimer: Food fasting isn’t recommended for those that are pregnant, breastfeeding, still growing, have a tendency towards eating disorders, or suffering from a medical condition. Digital fasting, however, is safe for everyone . . . though, it may harm your social life. Proceed with caution.

In other news: I’ve been cleaning out my closet and have some new wardrobe additions (see here and here). I also bought a convertible dress for my upcoming travels, but I’m not completely sold on it, yet. 

NEXT POST: April 7th.

living lagom turns two!

livinglagom.com - living lagom turns two!

And we’re back!

With our reunion comes a celebration of two years of blogging. Some of it good, some of it . . . meh.

During my mini-digital sabbatical last month, I had a chance to think about where I want to take living lagom as it heads into its third year.

This blog is one part hobby, one part writing development, and one part – I hope – inspiration to others to live their own version of lagom.

It’s sort of my pro-bono writing work, if you will.

But it also takes up quite a bit of time. Time that could be used towards writing novellas or developing other creative projects.

So to keep things fresh and fun, there’s gonna be some changes around here.

less is more as applied to blogging

Two years is usually my maximum commitment to most things. I blame (and thank) my scanner tendencies. But as I keep composing blog posts in my mind, it’s not time to call it quits.

However . . .

I’ll only be posting twice a month, going forward. I’ve decided on the first and third Mondays of the month with a bonus(!) year-end review post.

I still have lots of thoughts and ideas to share with you, but they’ll just be a little slower in coming.

As a supplement to these semi-monthly posts, I’ll continue with mini-posts and updates on Instagram. This is where I share my latest news . . . like the natural deodorant I’m currently testing. Stuff like that.

If you can’t remember when I’ll be posting next, you can always subscribe by email.

in other news

I’m not walking the Camino de Santiago this year. I know, I know. I was so jazzed about it. (It’s that scanner thing again.) It’s still something I want to do, but this isn’t the year to do it. I will walk it one day – even if that day falls in my 70th year.

Instead of walking the Camino, I’m going to go to . . .


Well, at least for most of the month of June. As I get closer to my departure date, I’ll let you know what I plan to get up to when I’m across the pond. (Hint: This is where my “mega light travel” mini-challenge will come into play.) If anyone is in London during that time and would like to meet up, please contact me.

Lent kicks off this Wednesday. I’ll be experimenting with my other mini-challenge of fasting during that time. In my next post – that would be on March 17th if you were paying attention – I’ll share the Sandy C version of fasting.

And now, you’re up-to-date.

Thank you for reading living lagom for the past two years! Let’s shoot for a couple more!