erin, girl: a novella by sandra cunha

At last, my novella has launched! It’s a short book that took me a long time to write. But write it, I finally did.

Erin, Girl: A Novella by Sandra Cunha

Erin, Girl: A Novella (by yours truly) is now available on Kindle and Kobo!

so . . . what’s it about?

Well, it’s not a book on minimalism by a minimalist. I think there are quite a few of those already. (Ironic.)

Here’s the “back cover” description:

Erin Bettencourt thinks her mom is an old bag. Not just any old bag but a vintage Chanel 2.55. Medium. Navy.

Her mom was forced to sell the bag years ago. Now that Erin’s found it again, she wants it back. She needs it back. There’s only one, tiny-teeny (expensive) problem: she doesn’t have the two grand to buy it. So Erin thinks “inside the box” and starts a business from the cubicle of her boring office job.

But she has to earn the money fast, or someone else will buy her missing family-heirloom, and she will lose the bag all over again.

It’s too bad that what Erin needs the most can’t be obtained with dollars or misdirected sense.

Um . . . so I guess it is a minimalism-ish book written by a minimalist, but I’ve disguised it as women’s fiction. (It’ll be our secret.) Even though it’s targeted to women, I think there’s something relatable in it for the chaps out there, too. Who hasn’t hated their job at one point or another? Or dealt with loss? Just pretend the title is Aaron, Boy. (Hmm . . .) Regardless of gender, maybe  it’s not for you, but you may know someone that would enjoy it.

The book incorporates a lot of the themes from this blog. In fact, if you’ve memorized every blog post (spooky), you’ll be able to pick up on content I’ve previously written here (with a fictionalized, and hopefully funny, twist).

I got the idea for this book years ago before I became a minimalist, but it was lacking something. The plot seemed superficial in many ways. I think becoming a minimalist actually made the story better by clearing up my mental space, so I could (1) finally finish it and (2) add the themes of letting go and dealing with loss.

And if you’re wondering whether the characters are real . . . then you should know that I’m every single character in the book. Yes, even that one. Being born under the Gemini sun AND moon has been great for character development. I joke, but I did “borrow” from some of my previous experiences. Although, I’ve never started a business from any of my many former cubicles . . . or have I?

Should you read the book, I’d appreciate a review. No pressure, though. I do want the book to be successful, but the main thing was for me to have the belief that I could write it; that I could finish it. Everything else is bonus. And if I can do it, you can do it – I’m the Queen of Procrastination!

Erin, Girl: A Novella is only available in ebook format at this time. But remember: you don’t need an ereader to read ebooks. You can download the Kindle or Kobo app onto your computer, tablet, or smartphone for free.

Get the book here: Kindle | Kobo

where to find me going forward

I’m losing interest in all forms of social media . . . even Instagram. One of my challenges for 2015 will be to delete my profiles on Instagram and Facebook. I’ve already deleted my LinkedIn account. (I’m also giving up coffee. Eek.)

So that means the best place to “find me” will be at my new author site: This is where I’ll announce any new writing I’ve published. (Let’s hope the next book doesn’t take quite so long to write.) I’ll also be sending out an occasional note to those that sign up for email updates.* It’ll include my latest writings and any shenanigans I’ve gotten myself into (very likely).

So that’s all, folks!

A BIG THANK YOU for reading living lagom over the years! May you live a beautiful life with nothing more . . . and nothing less.

(And who knows . . . maybe there’ll be a living lagom sequel!)

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P.S. There’s a light sprinkling of swearing in the novella. I don’t swear on this blog as I don’t think it’s necessary, but I have been known to drop the f-bomb in my everyday life. You’ve been warned. And while I use International English on the blog, as my novella is based in Canada, I went native with Canadian English. Hence, color becomes colour, etc. I thought I’d point this out as most of my blog readers come from the United States, and I hope they become my book readers, too!

2014 Challenges: As I won’t be on Instagram in the new year, I won’t be updating my final budget and disposable cup usage numbers. If you’d like to know where I ended up, send me an email. As of November 30th, I’ve spent $23,161.77 and have used 78 disposable cups. So I haven’t met those goals. But I do think I can average living on $20,000 over a series of years. This year just turned out to be more expensive than last year. As for the cups, I’ve got no excuse for using that many. My apologies to the Earth.

Blog Recommendation: If you’re looking for a living lagom blog replacement to satisfy your minimalism cravings, I’d like to suggest Light by Coco. I think you should check her out!

LAST CALL: This is the final living lagom blog post. On or around December 31, 2014, will be redirected to my author site. So this is your last chance to read any of your favorite posts before they disappear! Happy reading!